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About Mombasa

The second largest city in Kenya, Mombasa is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world and is unrivalled for its pristine white sandy beaches that spread for miles and miles without end giving both tourists and locals a holiday experience of a lifetime. Mombasa is also a melting pot of old cultures predominantly Arab and African, but also Indian, a bit of Persian and Portuguese which is a reflection of the rich history behind this famous city.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, other attractions include the much photographed Mombasa Landmark tusks, Fort Jesus, Old Town Mombasa, Bombolulu Workshops, Haller Park, Mamba Village, Nguuni Natural Sanctuary Adventures, Holy Ghost Cathedral and the Marine National Parks.

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Flights from Mombasa to Nairobi, Kisumu and other cities take off from the Moi International Airport (MBA) that is just a 20-minute drive from the city center.

Why Visit Mombasa

Kenyan Cuisine

Enjoy sumptuous Kenyan food from a mix of landscapes, history and tribes. Make sure you ask for the sensational mishikaki (barbecued skewered meat pieces) and mabuyu (Baobab seeds).

Old Town

Dive into history of Mombasa by strolling through the Old Town. Get vivid pictures of how Mombasa looked like when the Portuguese ruled the port. Dozens of old buildings that depict the historical port city will captivate your imagination.


When it comes to coastal culture, perhaps nothing more than music can epitomize it. Move to the sounds of mellow and smooth Bango, fast-paced Chakacha and traditional Mwanzele.

Major Mombasa Tourist Attractions

A visit to Mombasa is incomplete without seeing some of the major sites of historical and cultural significance which will make you appreciate even more the unique place of the city in Kenya’s rich past.

1. Fort Jesus

fort jesus
Fort Jesus

Around AD 1593-1595 the Portuguese built the amazing Fort Jesus to protect their newly found safe trading route from Europe to India via the Cape of Good Hope. Now one of Kenya’s famous museums, there are many monuments and artifacts within its walls which tell the story of early trade, hardships and struggle, wars, and even romance. Today visitors both local and foreign spend many interesting hours of discovery led by knowledgeable tour guides. A must visit attraction.

2. Old Town

old town mombasa
Old Town Mombasa

Old Town Mombasa is an interesting walk down memory lane, a reminder of the age old culture of the Arabs and Indians who predominantly lived here. Curio shops on narrow streets and meandering walkways, lookout balconies and richly carved Swahili doors giving way to beautiful mosques, men in white “kanzus” and demure ladies clad in black as they go about their daily chores – these are some of the distinctive features of Old Town Mombasa.

 3. Bombolulu Workshops

bombolulu workshop
Cultural Dance at Bombolulu Workshop

The workshops manned by the physically challenged members of the community boast of some of the most beautiful mementos to take home from Mombasa, including authentic African art deco, beautiful wooden and glass jewellery, intricate beadwork, clothing , textiles and designer wear, all at very attractive prices- a must visit for tourists and locals alike.

4. Mamba Village

mamba village
Crocodiles at Mamba Village

There are crocodiles and then more crocodiles at Mamba Village and a visit at feeding time is a site not to be missed. Ask your local tour guide to lead you to the famous Mamba Village, on Links Road, North Coast.

5. Haller Park

haller park
Feeding Giraffes at Haller Park

A short ride from the city and just up the road from Mamba Village is Haller Park, a wildlife sanctuary in the city reconstructed from a disused once lifeless quarry to what is now a thriving ecosystem supporting many marine species of insects and birds. Some of the animals found in Haller Park include hippos, giraffes, monkeys, tortoises and impalas. Look out specifically for Owen and Mzee, the famous residents of Haller Park and hear their remarkable story of love and friendship from resident guides.

6. Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve

mombasa marine national park
Aquatic Beauty at the Marine Park

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve, is a 10 sq. km of marine ecosystem famous for the excellent opportunity it provides for all year round snorkeling and diving. This is the most visited marine park located on the near beautiful beaches of Bamburi just north of Mombasa. Protected by the Coral Reef the Marine Park offers visitors breathtaking views of the coral gardens, many colourful varieties of fish and turtles. And finally do not leave the park without the splendid experience diving the MV Dania for Kenya’s very best wreck diving.

Best Time to Visit Mombasa

Mombasa climate is largely wet and dry. During summer (December to March), the temperature ranges between 30 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Summers are the best times to visit Mombasa as a tourist. Engage in some water sports fun or sunbathe at the clean beaches in the city. During winter (July to September), temperatures drop to about 27 degrees Celsius. The months in-between summer and winter i.e. April to June and October to November, are the rainy months.

Dive deep into Mombasa culture at the Mombasa Carnival that is held in November. This is a multi-cultural fiesta that features dance, art and music. The best of Kenyan culture is showcased at the festival.

May is the rainiest month in Mombasa, with approximately 20 days recording rainfall. Apart from May, you can visit Mombasa any other month and be guaranteed to have the time of your life.


Mombasa Island is an exquisite destination for business or pleasure. The city is home to a rich and diverse mix of exotic and indigenous cultures such as the Swahili and Mijikenda. Upcountry migrants such as the Maasai are also found in the city.

There are multiple, captivating attractions you will find in the African seaport city of Mombasa. At the Old Town, you will be fascinated by the maze of alleys, antique shops, and traditional craftsmen that will be gunning for your attention. The vibrant utopia nestled along the Indian Ocean will not disappoint you.

Throw your cares and worries away and enjoy incredible sights as you mingle with beautiful people in this bountiful land. In Mombasa, you are guaranteed to have a life-changing experience.

Health & Safety

Before flying to Kenya, you should be up to date with your routine vaccinations. The primary vaccinations you need include the yearly flu shot, polio vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, and measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

You should also take caution when visiting Mombasa. Here are some tips to follow to stay safe during your visit:

  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry
  • Don not walk alone on isolated beaches or at night
  • Carry a copy of your passport and keep it in your bad
  • Avoid going to the local villages on your own
  • Carry small amounts of money with you
  • For ladies, avoid walking around with large handbags

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