Raydoll Tours and Travel offers a broad range of travel services and are happy to offer you a quotation on any of the services below either individually or as part of a tour package. Please make a selection of the services you are interested in then fax or e mail for a quotation. We will revert […]
Reservations and Payment Reservations for your holiday may be made directly by submitting the booking form available on our website or you may download your filled form, have it signed and sent to us. When you know for certain that this is a firm booking, you will need to pay a deposit of USD 200 […]
Q: We have never been to Africa. Is it safe travelling to Africa and especially to Kenya? A: It is safe to travel to Africa and especially to Kenya. However the same safety principles as applying to any big city anywhere in the world also apply to our cities.Visitors are advised to travel in groups […]
NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK Just a lion’s roar away from the city, this was among the first parks to be established in Kenya in 1946 and covers an area of just under 120 square kilometers. Its biggest advantage is its easy access just 15 minutes or so from the center of the city. On a good […]
The country of South Africa occupies a total area of some 1.2m square kilometres on the Southern tip of Africa. It’s main feature is a long coastline that stretches south from its border with Namibia on the Atlantic coast down to Capepoint where the the cold Atlantic currents meet with the warm currents of the […]
The Republic of Tanzania covers an area of 945,087 square kilometres and is bordered to the north by Kenya, to the northwest by Uganda, and to the west by Rwanda , Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. On the south Tanzania borders Zambia and Malawi and to the Soth East it is bordered by […]
The Republic of Kenya covers an area of 582,644 square kilometres and shares a common border with Ethiopia to the north, Sudan to the north west, Uganda to the west,Tanzania to the South , and Somalia to the East. The country sits astride the Equator and is bisected from north to South by the Great […]

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