Fly- in safaris are recommended where time is a factor or where clients are interested is spending as much time as possible viewing game rather than on the roads. Many national parks in Kenya are located 4-5 hours away by road from Nairobi. Increasingly many holiday visitors are opting to fly in to the national parks to maximize their game viewing exposure.

Raydoll Tours fly – in safari packages are available to some of the most exotic and sought after destinations in Kenya and include return flights, airport transfers, game drives and accommodation on full board basis. The following are some of our premier fly in products

(A) Maasai Mara Fly – In Safaris 

1. RDL/FL/M1: 1 night Masai Mara- Kichwa Tembo

2. RDL/FL/M2: 2 nights Masai Mara- Kichwa Tembo

3. RDL/FL/M3 : 1 night Masai Mara- Mara Serena

4. RDL/FL/M4 : 2 nights Masai Mara- Mara Serena

5. RDL/FL/M5 : 1 night Masai Mara- Mara Sarova

6. RDL/FL/M6 : 2 nights Masai Mara- Mara Sarova

RDL/FL/M7 : 1 night Masai Mara- Keekorok

8. RDL/FL/M8 : 2 nights Masai Mara- Keekorok

9. RDL/FL/M9: 1 night Mara- Mara safari Club

10. RDL/FL/M10: 2 nights Mara Safari Club

11. RDL/FL/M11 : 1 night Masai Mara- Governors Camp

12. RDL/FL/M12 : 2 nights Masai Mara- Governor’s Camp

(B) AMBOSELI Fly – In Safaris 

1. RDL/FL/A2: 2 nights Amboseli- Ol Tukai Lodge

2. RDL/FL/A3: 1 night Amboseli – Amboseli Serena

3. RDL/FL/A4: 2 nights Amboseli- Amboseli Serena

4. RDL/FL/A1: 1 night Amboseli- Ol Tukai Lodge

(C) Samburu Fly – In Safaris

1. RDL/FL/S1: 1 night Samburu- Samburu Serena Lodge

2. RDL/FL/S2: 2 nights Samburu- Samburu Serena Lodge

3. RDL/FL/S3: 1 night Samburu – Larsens Camp

4. RDL/FL/S4: 2 nights Samburu- Larsens Camp

5. RDL/FL/S5: 1 night Samburu- Samburu Lodge

6. RDL/FL/S6: 2 nights Samburu- Samburu Lodge


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